How It Works

Getting Started

Register With Us

By registering with us you will instantly know if Classic Cooking's freshly prepared, mouth-watering, nutritious meal service is available in your area. When registering, you will be asked for an email address and a postal code for the residence or business you wish to receive your meal delivery. When entering your postal code, a message will confirm if you are in our service delivery area. After you have created an account, place an order and log out. We will send you an email with your password, this password may be located in your "Junk" mail if you have not changed your defaults for this site.

Tell Us How We Can Help You

By answering a few simple questions, you create a profile that will help us to serve you optimally. Questions like “How many days a week do you want Classic Cooking meals?” , “How many people are you serving at each meal?” and “Where do you want your meals delivered?”. Classic Cooking meals can be delivered to your home, work, office, home of a parent or loved one, to a son/daughter attending university/college, or any other convenient location and can be adjusted in your profile easily if circumstances change. After you have set up your account profile, you are ready to choose your meals. Easy to follow prompts are located after you set up your profile, or on the Home Page if you want to choose your meals later. If you are purchasing Classic Cooking meals for someone else, please register the customer name and the actual delivery address. Another name can be used for payment details.

Meal Delivery Service

Now that you have created an account, each week you will be prompt by email to make your weekly selections for continuous service. If you do not make a selection we will send you the Chefs choice for the days in which you selected in your registration for delivery day preference.

Choosing Your Meals

Meal Selection

Each day our skilled chef creates 2-3 entrees for you to choose from. Pictures and descriptions of these full-size meals for the week will be presented for selection. Based on your profile, you will be prompted to select the amount of meals necessary to fill your order. For example, if you said you wanted to serve 2 people twice a week, you will be prompted to select 2 meals and receive 2 of each selection on the appropriate day . At any time before the Wednesday prior to the week of meals you will be receiving , you can add-on additional meals to your order if you know you are going to have additional people to serve. To build-in more flexibility, you can also see and choose your meals for up to three weeks in advance.

Dietary Restrictions

Selecting meals that meet your specific dietary and nutritional needs is easy. By simply clicking on the meal picture, that individual meal card will appear. The meal card will further explain the ingredients used in preparation and heating instructions. At this time, unless otherwise noted in the description of the meal, we do not offer specific gluten free or diabetic meals.


Since you've completed your account profile, if you have not made your meal selections for the coming week, then you will be prompted to do so by email. In your account dashboard you will see the option to select preferred delivery days. If you do not make meal choices your meal delivery of the chef's choice will arrive on those days. Again, at any time you can skip, suspend or cancel your meal delivery services. Please check you junk mail for account password. This password will not be sent until you log out the first time . Use the account dashboard to view several options.

Confirmation and Payment


Once you have selected your meals, a page summary of your weekly order will appear for you to review. When you are comfortable with your order, you can click on the confirm button. For your convenience, you can revisit past orders through your account profile. You can return to select meals for up to 3 weeks in advance.


If you are ordering for the first time you will be asked to enter your credit card information. This information will be stored in your account profile, and will be kept strictly confidential, secure and never shared. The information you provide is encrypted against fraud. For more information on security and privacy of your personal information, please refer to our full privacy policy located in the website payment confirmation page. If you are purchasing Classic Cooking meals for someone else, credit card information can be different than the customer name and delivery address.

Your Account and Profile Subscription

Truly , No Obligation!

Just because you have an account with us, and set up your meal profile, does not mean that you have to receive meals continuously over a locked-in amount of time. There is truly no obligation! Within your profile you can skip, suspend, or cancel your meal delivery service at any time. We understand that the daily and weekly lives of families change and we want to give our customers the flexibility they need in a meal delivery service.

Account Profile & Subscription

Classic Cooking is here to help you with freshly prepared homemade meal delivery only on the days that you need us. From your profile you can make selections for up to 3 weeks in advance, purchase extra meals or skip a week if you need to.